Dr. L. Abraham Mata

Director of Vascular Surgery & Aortic Intervention

Fueled By Passion, Grace…and Skateboards!

Passionate about the work. And grateful to be in Grand Rapids performing it.

That’s an apt way to describe our latest practitioner here at ACV – Dr. Luis Abraham Mata – a native Texan who visited West Michigan to take part in a vascular seminar and just weeks later was accepting an invitation to join our practice.

“Dr. Abe,” as he enjoys being called, grew up with his brother Adam and parents in El Paso, in an area he describes as being “underserved and underdeveloped,” emphasizing that “my parents had to work their tails off for my brother and me to have the advantages we had.”

Both Dr. Abe and brother Adam earned undergrad degrees at Texas Tech University. Adam then pursued a law degree at the University of Texas while Dr. Abe completed medical school on the same campus. Dr. Abe then returned to Texas Tech for his general surgery residency, following that with a fellowship in vascular surgery at Charleston Medical Center in West Virginia.

While working in his home state of Texas, Dr. Abe chose to attend an ACV seminar. “Two weeks later,” he says, “they were asking me to join in because I guess I fit in and apparently was a pretty chill dude.”

Which might make you wonder about whether he skateboards, and the answer is yes. “I did a lot of half-pipes in my younger days,” he says, “but I’ve toned it down and now I’m into electric longboarding,” which provides for a smoother and more stable ride. “My wife didn’t want me to mess up my hands.” His answer as to whether he always wears a helmet? “Yeah, put that in there.”

When Dr. Abe isn’t rocking it on the concrete, he’s enjoying time with wife Inaayat and their newborn son Keanu, who arrived in the fall of 2019. He also loves to read – both fiction and non-fiction. And now that he’s living in Michigan, he’s looking forward to some quality snowboarding.

Dr. Abe describes himself as a surgeon who focuses on the patient ahead of the data culled from tests, labs and X-rays. “It’s important to talk to the patient and hear their concerns.”

He’s cherishing his time at AVC as a opportunity to learn of possibilities he never thought existed: “Several months ago, I would have looked at some of our patients and thought amputation was the only thing I could offer. But my colleagues have showed me that where there is a will, there is a way.

“I look forward to continuing to grow as a vascular surgeon and specialist, and am so grateful for having landed in the care of Dr. Mustapha and Dr. Saab.

“I love being a part of this team, and look forward to interacting with our patients in ways that go beyond their expectations. They deserve no less.”